Fairtrade Trader Standards

Fairtrade Standards

As part of any Licence Agreement with the Fairtrade Foundation, all registered operators (licensees, registered traders and subcontractors) must be able to meet and demonstrate compliance with the Fairtrade Trader Standards and Product Standards (where relevant). The Fairtrade Standards are available for download via the Fairtrade International website.

Production Chapter

From 1st January 2017, the Production chapter in the Fairtrade Trader Standard will come into force. Additionally, new requirements related to the use of materials from the Hazardous Materials List (HML), will be applicable as of 1st January 2018.

Guidance Notes against the Production Chapter can be downloaded via the following link: Download Guidance Notes – Production chapter

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with these standards.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Assurance Team: certification@fairtrade.org.uk