Fairtrade and Climate Justice

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Our upcoming online Campaign Catch-Up will share more about how purchasing Fairtrade products means farmers and workers gain more tools to take on the climate crisis threatening their livelihoods.

What does Climate Justice mean for Fairtrade farmers?

Climate change isn’t fair. 

Small-scale farmers who did the least to cause the climate crisis are feeling it’s worst effects right now. Lives and livelihoods are being lost due to extreme weather, pushing families and whole communities to the brink. 

The climate crisis was caused by centuries of exploitation of people and the planet by the world’s wealthiest. The highest-earning 1 percent are responsible for the same level of emissions as the lowest earning 5 billion people in the world. (Oxfam, Climate Inequality report, 2023).  

Fairtrade farmers are taking action already.

Many small-scale farmers and workers in countries most affected by climate change are often experts in adapting to climate change. But unfair trade means they don’t have the money to invest in sustainable farming techniques that can secure a fairer, greener future for people, planet and the world’s food supply. 

We’re working to grow fair pay for farmers, so they have the resources and financial stability to protect the environment and adapt to the risks of climate change. Farmers are at the heart of the climate crisis; they face the worst effects of climate change and are bearing the costs to combat it.

To hear directly from Fairtrade farmers themselves explore our climate stories. Learn more about how the climate crisis has affected them individually, gain insight into the knowledge they possess on adapting to climate change and discover what actions they are already taking in response.

A Climate Story:

Meet Jaime Alberto García Flórez, a coffee farmer from Colombia

Jaime works hard on his farm in the North of Colombia and worries about the future of coffee as the effects of climate change continue to worsen.

We live from coffee. We fight for coffee so that we can have this tradition in the future for our children… we are in danger because of climate change. It’s really here. The temperature is too high so we have had to replace coffee with cocoa and plant trees between our remaining coffee bushes to give them shade. We are the first generation to feel the change and the last generation to be able to change it.Jaime Alberto García Flórez, coffee farmer from Red Ecolsierra Co-operative, Colombia

Jaime Alberto García Flórez, a coffee farmer from Red Ecolsierra Co-operative in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia standing next to a tree
Jaime Alberto García Flórez, coffee farmer from Red Ecolsierra Co-operative in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia © Chris Terry 2024

With support from Fairtrade, farmers in Jaime’s co-operative are learning new ways to produce more sustainable, more eco-friendly coffee that could help save future production.

They practice dynamic agroforestry like planting shade trees to boost soil quality and weather the climate challenges like higher temperatures. The co-operative has invested in improving coffee harvesting and drying, carried out a wastewater decontamination project, and provided training to members of the co-operative.

They’ve also improved their access to international markets by building an administrative headquarters, as well as collection centres for their members’ coffee. In the community, they’ve funded education for members’ children.

Buying Fairtrade

When you choose Fairtrade, you are part of offering farmers a chance to earn a better deal, and so more money and resources to invest in taking on climate change. 

Getting involved in your community

Throughout 2024, you can get involved in the Fairtrade movement by pledging to Make your Mark in one of three practical ways or by taking part in key climate justice activities across the year.

Watch out this year for Spring Climate Stories, across April 2024, Great Big Green Week 8-16 June 2024 and COP29 activities 11-24th November 2024.

Explore Climate Resources

Check out our climate justice campaign resources below. Including presentations, printable posters and farmer stories.

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