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Action Area 4: Fairtrade Ambassadors

Fairtrade Jersey

In Jersey, Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 was celebrated with a joint enterprise by Fairtrade Jersey and Government of Jersey’s new Love to Ride programme.

The Banana Ride highlighted that farmers who grow the things that we love are on the frontline of the climate crisis and deserve our support.

Tony Allchurch, chairman of Jersey Fairtrade Island Group

Bike riders aged two to 80 cycled around St Aubin’s Bay. They dressed in bright yellow and led by supporters in Fairtrade banana costumes.

Cyclists were rewarded with Fairtrade coffee, bananas and chocolate, generously donated by local suppliers.

Everyone is looking forward to this event becoming a regular feature of Fairtrade Fortnight.

Read more in the BBC’s report.

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University of Surrey

In his home country of Nigeria, Abdulsalam Aderibigbe was a committed advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals and had been involved in several anti-poverty initiatives.

Abdulsalam Aderibigbe, currently studying at University of Surrey and campaigning for fairer trade

As a student of International Business Management at University of Surrey, he set up a Fairtrade group.

By linking in with the Surrey Model United Nations , I was able to find quite a few people interested in taking part and running a Fairtrade Fortnight event.

Abdulsalam, university student

They discussed the impact of climate change on farmers in countries disadvantaged by global trade . The group also screened a documentary on the impact of Fairtrade in these countries.

Abdulsalam also spoke to his Fairtrade campaigners in the local area for more support and ideas.