Campaigner of the month

As we celebrate 30 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK, we will also be celebrating all the brilliant campaigning that Fairtrade groups do to stand up for trade justice and promote Fairtrade.  

Every month this year we will be highlighting Fairtrade groups that have continually gone above and beyond to help support the movement. 

April 2024- St Peter’s, Bradford Cathedral

Congregation at St Peter's Bradford Cathedral holding Fairtrade certificate

St Peter’s, Bradford Cathedral, has been actively championing Fairtrade within both its congregation and the wider community. Since initiating their Fairtrade endeavors, they have consistently organized various events aimed at raising awareness and support for Fairtrade principles, including their annual Fairtrade Breakfasts.

As a designated Fairtrade Cathedral, St Peter’s is deeply committed to promoting fairness in trade, inspired by their mission to serve the community and advocate for justice. Their dedication is evident through their active utilization and promotion of Fairtrade products, reflecting their values of compassion and solidarity.

This commitment not only solidifies St Peter’s as a vital hub within the Fairtrade movement but also provides ample opportunities for its members to engage meaningfully with global issues. Through their actions, St Peter’s embodies the spirit of service and compassion, making a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers worldwide.

Bradford Cathedral actively campaigns for trade justice through Fairtrade. “To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” (Bible, Micah 6:8) We aim to reflect Jesus’ teaching of caring for others: “Love your Neighbour as yourself.” (Mark 12:31)

The Cathedral’s Eco Group, with its focus on sustainability, stresses the need for a fair income for producers which enables them to adapt to the adverse effects of the climate crisis.

Special events, like the annual Fairtrade Breakfast, create fellowship through hospitality, and our continuing aim is to embed concepts of fair trade and climate justice through worship and all Cathedral life.

Canon Ned Lun, Lead Clergy on Fairtrade at St Peter’s, Bradford Cathedral

March 2024- Burgh Primary School

Burgh Primary School pupils

Burgh Primary School have been actively campaigning for Fairtrade in school and the wider community. 

They started their Fairtrade journey in early 2023 and since then they have been actively campaigning for Fairtrade by running many different events. 

Fairtrade Schools are committed to Fairtrade. It means young people understand how trade works and how we can work together to make it fairer.  

The school uses and promotes Fairtrade products as far as possible and takes action for Fairtrade in the school and local community.  

It’s great for the school, putting it at the heart of this people’s movement for change; it’s great for teachers, offering loads of ways to enhance the curriculum and develop young people; it’s great for young people, because it’s fun and is part of something happening all over the world; and it’s great for farmers, who are earning a fair price, and feeling the support of people on the other side of the world. 

At Burgh Primary school we are committed to being a Fairtrade School. We started our Fairtrade journey in 2023 during Fairtrade Fortnight running a parent showcase, a Fairtrade Assembly and Fairtrade tuck-shops.

In October 2023 we set up our Fairtrade Committee which has pupils from P1 to P7. They came up with the idea of a Fairtrade Trashion Show with each class creating their own clothing from Fairtrade sweet wrappers. They also ran a “Design a Fairtrade Tote Bag” competition.

In March 2024 we held our Trashion Show with around 150 families attending. It was a great success with everyone commenting on the high standard and quality of trashion designs.”

Heather Wiggins, Teacher at Burgh Primary School.

February 2024- Kingston University

Portrait images of campaigners from Kingston University

Kingston University has been recognised for their outstanding efforts to mobilise the community and stand up for trade justice for farmers and workers overseas.

This group of Campaigners has been highlighted this Month for their commitment to help support the movement. Fairtrade campaigners stand up for fairer trade every day.

In early 2024, Kingston University hosted a Fairtrade Forum and round table on gender, migration, food security, circular economy and Fairtrade. The level of student engagement across the whole event was very impressive, as well as the support from their catering providers. We would like to say a huge well done and thank you for your support of Fairtrade.

Kingston University first achieved Fairtrade University status in 2022. We recognise the influence and civic responsibility held by universities alongside our duty to support the campaign for fair and ethical trade.

“Our recent Fairtrade Forum invited students, staff, and suppliers to participate in a Fairtrade Q&A panel session hosted on campus, and to experience Fairtrade-certified products first-hand. The event also saw a display of posters designed by students and staff focusing on the importance of Fairtrade.

Looking to the future we plan to improve on our one-star-accredited Fairtrade University status and will continue to support the wider Fairtrade agenda.”

Stephanie Todd, Strategic Operational Lead for Sustainability at Kingston University.

January 2024-High Wycombe

High Wycombe campaigners

High Wycombe has been recognised for their outstanding efforts to mobilise the community and stand up for trade justice for farmers and workers overseas.  

This group of Campaigners has been highlighted this Month for their commitment to help support the movement. Fairtrade campaigners stand up for fairer trade every day.  

Mike King and the rest of the High Wycombe Fairtrade Community Team have been a Fairtrade Community for nearly 10 years. During these 10 years they have put intensive effort into their Fairtrade support. During Fairtrade Fortnight 2022, Mike King delivered six 15-minute presentations about the function of Fairtrade to 995 students in the local high school and set out to run a Celebration Coffee project derived from a visit to Grecia in May 2022. With the aim to have a single-origin CoopeVictoria coffee roasted in the UK for the first time, which was achieved in 2023. 

“Fairtrade allows marginalized producers to access and compete in otherwise unfair, sub-optimal, global markets, thus reducing inequality while promoting inclusivity. Our proudest moment entailed the Mayor and Ambassador of Costa Rica launching the Celebration Partnership Coffee at Highcrest Academy, donating a Fairtrade “sister” towns plaque to the school for its Fairtrade advocacy, joint teaching, and pupil engagement.

2024 objectives include upscaling our successful coffee project to engage wider regional or small independent roasters. We plan to encourage other senior schools in High Wycombe to connect with the Colegio Bilingue in Grecia, Costa Rica. Work is underway to connect local university with an institution in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Mike King, Campaigner from High Wycombe Fairtrade group

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