Portrait of Asocoomag women's group posing with a table of their banana products

How women entrepreneurs are changing communities for good with bananas

by Anna Pierides Senior Supply Chain and Programme Manager at Fairtrade Foundation. ‘We are women who have a lot of…

3 min read | August 27, 2021

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Portrait of Carlos Molina, a Fairtrade farmer reaching up next to a bunch of bananas

‘A fighting chance’: how banana farmers are confronting climate change

Behind every Instagram post of a delicious looking banana loaf is the story of a farmer thousands of miles away, struggling to make ends meet.

4 min read | March 3, 2021

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Fairtrade coffee farmers choose organic

Anna Pierides, coffee supply chain manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, takes a closer look at why and how Fairtrade coffee farmers are moving to more organic practices.

2 min read | March 22, 2019

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