The latest press releases and statements from the Fairtrade Foundation.

  • Picking coffee cherries
    01 Apr 2020

    New guidance from Fairtrade boosts action to protect farmers and workers during COVID-19 pandemic

    Bonn, 1 April 2020 – Fairtrade International announced increased flexibility in its standards to enable producer organisations to take immediate action to protect the health and livelihoods of farmers, workers and their communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • COVID 19 Awarness Program for Plantation workers at Chedaideo Purbat Tea Estate - crop
    20 Mar 2020

    Fairtrade Producer Organisations conduct Awareness Programs on COVID 19 and Preventative methods for its farmers and workers

    Amidst the rising fears of our farmers, workers and producers on the rapid spread of the coronavirus resulting in close down of agricultural operations, a decline of production and loss of sales, most of the producers in Asia and Pacific Region are currently taking steps to educate its farmers and workers to create awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19 into their communities.

  • Fairtrade coffee beans
    20 Mar 2020

    We must come together at this difficult time

    These are unprecedented and difficult times, which bring with them challenges to life and liberty that have not been experienced before, certainly not within our lifetimes. Even as we are being instructed to self- isolate and move apart, emotionally we also must find ways to come together, to act and be as one with our neighbours, our friends and our families, here and across the globe.

  • A family meal at the Bio Farmer Agricultural Commodity and Service Cooperative, Kyrgyzstan. © Didier Gentilhomme
    18 Mar 2020

    Connected community: Supporting each other through the COVID-19 crisis

    Around the world, business is adapting to minimise the spread of COVID-19. At Fairtrade Foundation, we’re doing our part by working virtually and following the recommendations of the British government and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our work is ongoing and we’re committed to assisting the producers that are at the heart of our system.

  • Edith, cocoa farmer in Ivory Coast
    25 Feb 2020

    Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 'She Deserves'

    The UK is a nation of chocoholics, but many of us don’t know the bitter truth of exploited farmers behind much of the sweet chocolate we enjoy.

  • Women cocoa farmers
    24 Feb 2020

    Fairtrade draws attention to the gender pay gap in chocolate

    Fairtrade’s campaign is shining a light on the exploitation experienced by women farmers. It calls on companies to pay living incomes to cocoa farmers by 2030 to meet the UN’s Global Goals to end poverty.

  • CAYAT Women's Association in Ivory Coast
    20 Feb 2020

    Celebrity speakers join Fairtrade fortnight flagship events across the UK to mark ‘She Deserves’ campaign

    Manchester, York, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Oxford will host special flagship community events this Fairtrade Fortnight (24 February-8 March 2020) that will feature keynote speeches from two West African women cocoa farmers and panel discussions with other inspirational women from the UK.

  • Fairtrade roses for Valentine's Day
    10 Feb 2020

    Share the love this Valentine's as Fairtrade launches in luxury London florists

    As sales of Fairtrade flowers from 2019 raise £1.3million for investment in social projects to benefit the workers behind the blooms, the Fairtrade Foundation announces a unique new initiative that will enable even more UK consumers to share the love and for the first time, support a community in Ecuador to benefit from the industry’s most high-impact and transparent solution to sustainability. 

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