'I would ask (the people in the UK) to understand that when they buy our gold, they'll be doing a good thing and helping many women who work hard and struggle in order to get the gold.'
Jenny Torres Delgado, 27 year old miner in Santa Filomena, Peru

Fairtrade certified gold is the world's first independent ethical certification system for gold. By buying Fairtrade gold you are making a difference to the lives of small scale artisan miners and their communities.

  • The world's first independent ethical certification scheme for gold
  • Exclusively from artisanal and small-scale miners
  • Miners must meet standards on safety, worker rights and the environment
  • Buying Fairtrade gold makes a real difference to the lives of miners, their families and communities Jewellery with the Fairtrade gold stamp is extra special. Buying it means you know the small-scale and artisanal miners were paid a fair price, giving them financial security. They also receive an extra amount of money to invest in building the future of their families and their communities, through education, medical care or environmental projects.

    Look carefully and you'll find the Fairtrade stamp on every piece.