Current campaigns

Find out about our current campaigns and join us in demanding a fair deal for farmers and workers. 

We campaign to raise awareness of the needs of producers in developing countries, convince people of the good reasons to buy Fairtrade products and to persuade policymakers to change the fundamentally unfair trade system.

Here you can find out about some of the big issues we are campaigning on, join local campaigning groups in your area or even start your own campaign group.

  • Cocoa farmers - Dorcas illustration

    She Deserves Fairtrade

    Help us tell her story.

  • Planting

    Fairtrade and Climate Justice

    Millions of people across the globe who provide us with our food and fashion are on the front line of the climate emergency. They’re trapped in an unfair trading system that will only drive us further into crisis. 

  • Fairtrade School Children with Fairtrade Bananas

    Fairtrade Friday

    On the last Friday of each month, we come together with companies and supporters to bring attention to the farmers and workers around the world, in some of the poorest countries, who grow the food we eat and make the clothes we wear.

  • She Deserves a Living Income

    Take Exploitation Out Of Our Chocolate

    Less than 75 pence. Less than half what she needs for a decent standard of life.

  • Men who work in Fairtrade cotton hold a sign, "I made your clothes"

    Fashion Revolution Week

    Join the Revolution! Each year, in the last week of April, Fashion Revolution encourages us to ask our favourite brands, "who made my clothes?" 

  • Join the Party

    Celebrating 25 years of the Fairtrade Mark!

    It's a quarter of a century since the FAIRTRADE Mark launched in the U.K. That makes it the same age as The Lion King film, Eurotunnel and TV series Friends. This year we are proud to be celebrating 25 years of Fairtrade products in the UK.