Fairtrade and Trade Justice

Over the past 30 years, people like you have shone a light on unfair trade, helping push trade justice up the agenda, and and ensuring the presence of Fairtrade products on supermarket shelves throughout the UK. Want to get involved right now? Sign to Make Your Mark and commit to standing up for farmers fighting for trade justice.

Increased Fairtrade sales means fairer pay and a fairer say for more farmers and workers all over the world. But to make all trade fair – which is our ultimate goal – we need action from governments, businesses and the general public.

That’s where Fairtrade campaigners like you can make a huge difference.

This year there will be lots of opportunities to do just that.

Starting with our Make Your Mark campaign. Sign and choose one practical way you will stand with farmers taking on the injustice of unfair trade and building a fairer future.

Image of three Fairtrade farmers:

Maria Doris Calvo, Fairtrade banana farmer, Colombia, Judis Camacho, Fairtrade coffee farmer, Colombia and Muiz Bajwa, Fairtrade ambassador for cotton, Pakistan

Make Your Mark with Fairtrade

Launching this World Fair Trade Day, our Make Your Mark campaign will feature videos from six Fairtrade farmers and ambassadors. They will share how they are using the power of Fairtrade to change things for the better in their communities.

Check back here soon for all the videos and details, follow us on social media or sign up to our emails for all the latest updates.

More ways to get involved in trade justice campaigning this year

With Fairtrade Fortnight happening in September and the general election expected this year, we will have lots of opportunities to spread the word on Fairtrade and Trade Justice.

We are also celebrating 30 years of Fairtrade in 2024, focusing on the difference farmers have made through Fairtrade – check out our special webpage for ways to get involved.  A number of new resources will be appearing soon, so keep an eye out.

Check out our Fairtrade and Climate Justice campaign, including our new Protecting Forests with Farmers campaign. The same communities most affected by unfair trade are those most affected by climate change.

Thankyou for your ongoing support and dedication to all things Fairtrade.