Coconut milk and turmeric gratin

Rosie Birkett’s Fairtrade coconut milk and turmeric potato gratin

I wouldn’t dare call this dauphinoise, but the principle is the same, except the potato is cooked in creamy coconut milk spiked with the golden goodness of turmeric and ginger, freshened with thinly sliced spring onion. It’s rich and warming but surprisingly delicate. Use coconut milk instead of lamb fat to make this recipe vegan.

2 min read | February 26, 2021

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Anna Jones blood orange and chocolate cake

Anna Jones’ chocolate and blood orange freezer cake recipe

Anna Jones shares her delicious Fairtrade chocolate and blood orange freezer cake recipe and tells us why she chooses Fairtrade ingredients.

3 min read | February 22, 2021

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The Reality of the climate crisis for the farmers behind our food. Climate in Colour logo and Fairtrade Foundation logo. Blue pattern background with two farmer figures

Infographic: The reality of the climate crisis for the farmers behind our food

Fairtrade partners with Climate in Colour on an infographic exploring how the climate crisis is affecting farmers and workers.

1 min read | February 22, 2021

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Chocolate bar with cocoa beans

Tom Hunt’s Chocolate Biodiversity Experiment and Truffle Recipe

The biodiversity and growing conditions of a plant or product affect its flavour. Chocolate is a perfect example of this. Try this recipe and experiment for yourself.

3 min read | February 16, 2021

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Caroline Shikuku at the Tulaga flower farm in Kenya.

‘We dumped thousands of roses every day’: Flower workers tell their stories

Fairtrade is sharing the stories of the people who produce one of the most iconic Valentine’s gifts, flowers.

4 min read | February 11, 2021

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Images of the new products on a white background: Whitakers' heart shaped chocolates, ring from Lebrusan Studio, Ben & Jerry's cookie dough peace pop, Red Nose Day t-shirt with Jessie from TKMaxx, Chamomile tea from Hope & Glory, Cognato white wine, Jenipher's Coffi three bags

7 exciting new Fairtrade products to try

We’ve rounded up the freshest Fairtrade products to hit the shelves featuring heart-shaped chocolates and a bespoke Fairtrade gold ring…

3 min read | February 4, 2021

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