Fairtrade Easter Eggs

Have a cracking Easter this year with Fairtrade, and know your choice means cocoa farmers earn a fairer wage for their work.

2 min read | March 18, 2024

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Ethical Mother’s Day gifts

By choosing a Fairtrade gift this Mother’s Day, you’re supporting Fairtrade farmers and workers – including many mothers – across the world.

3 min read | February 26, 2024

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Fairtrade products you didn’t know were vegan

Trying Veganuary this year or just fancy cutting back on meat and dairy? The good news is that there are many products available that are both vegan and Fairtrade.

3 min read | January 2, 2024

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3 Fairtrade farmers tackling the climate crisis

Foncho, Sadick, Liliane and Mauro are tackling the impact of climate change so they can keep growing the foods we love in the UK.

6 min read | December 12, 2023

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aesthetic image of a present wrapped in brown paper and red string among fir leaves

Choose Fairtrade gifts this Christmas

Fairtrade gift ideas for anyone wanting to shop ethically this festive season.

4 min read | November 20, 2023

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Woman holding Fairtrade roses

6 reasons to buy Aldi Fairtrade flowers

We dispel some common myths about Fairtrade flowers and how Aldi is making positive changes in their flower supply chain and sourcing.

4 min read | November 13, 2023

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Meet some of the farmers behind your Fairtrade cup of coffee

Meet Angelica, Gerardo and María, three coffee farmers from Colombia who share how Fairtrade has impacted their lives and communities.

6 min read | September 21, 2023

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Fairtrade Anniversary image

30 ways to celebrate 30 years of Fairtrade

We’ve put together a list of 30 ways you can celebrate 30 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark.

7 min read | September 18, 2023

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a cup on its side filled with coffee beans spilling out with steam to signify a hot cup of coffee

Six facts you should know about Fairtrade coffee

Discover the truth behind six of the most common misconceptions about Fairtrade coffee.

3 min read | September 7, 2023

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Fairtrade coffee farmer Esperanza Suazo Saenz

Four threats to your morning coffee

The life of a coffee farmer is far from easy. We look at four threats facing the people behind your morning cup of coffee.

3 min read | September 6, 2023

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