selection of peanuts, walnuts, cashew and almonds on a wooden board

Why it’s worth shelling out for Fairtrade nuts

Whether you buy them for your bake-offs, sprinkle them over your breakfast or eat them whole, there’s much to celebrate about Fairtrade nuts.

4 min read | May 24, 2022

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Versatile and vital: in praise of Fairtrade olive oil

A staple on our shelves and a health-food hero, olive oil is also a vital source of income for Fairtrade farmers operating in challenging contexts such as the West Bank.

4 min read | February 4, 2022

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Caroline Shikuku at the Tulaga flower farm in Kenya.

‘We dumped thousands of roses every day’: Flower workers tell their stories

Fairtrade is sharing the stories of the people who produce one of the most iconic Valentine’s gifts, flowers.

4 min read | February 11, 2021

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Flower worker at the Tulaga flower farm, Kenya

Covid-19: How Fairtrade and partners are helping flower workers flourish

With support from UK aid the Fairtrade Foundation is working with partners to build hope in the flower sector and…

4 min read | January 28, 2021

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The Globe

Why it’s time to decolonise the curriculum and diversify learning

In a year when the Black Lives Matter movement and issues of racial injustice have gathered widespread attention in Britain, the debate around diversity in the national curriculum has been firmly back on the agenda for the education sector.

5 min read | October 28, 2020

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Bunch of Fairtrade roses

Five reasons to buy Fairtrade flowers this autumn

We could all do with a little cheer as the pandemic continues, so what better way to do it than with some uplifting Fairtrade flowers?

4 min read | October 9, 2020

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