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Flowery teacup containing tea.

Essential Fairtrade teas to try

When you buy Fairtrade tea, you know your cup of tea is helping support farmers and workers to create a better future. 

4 min read | January 24, 2023

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an array of teacups with different varieties of tea

10 facts about Fairtrade tea

Tea lovers in the UK drink 100 million cups of tea every day, but what difference would it make it all of those cuppas were Fairtrade?

2 min read | April 19, 2022

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Julie and Nicole under Eloments sign

7 ways to inspire tea lovers to choose a healthy product for people and planet

Fairtrade Foundation’s Catherine Rubbens Senior Partnerships Manager sits down with Julie Hirsch Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Fairtrade-certified…

4 min read | July 13, 2021

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Flower worker at Waridi Limited farm

COVID-19: A global challenge requires a global solution

At Fairtrade, our mission is to help farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries to get a better deal and escape poverty. We’re deeply worried that this virus will devastate the communities we work with – not only because of its impact on people’s health, but also the very real possibility that containment measures will cause widespread hardship to people’s incomes and wages.

3 min read | April 30, 2020

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We all want fair trade and that means farmers need to earn more

“My message to consumers in the UK is please continue buying more Fairtrade tea so we can bring more development projects to our region” – Fairtrade tea producer

3 min read | August 29, 2019

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A selection of Fairtrade baking ingredients

20 Fairtrade Baking Ingredients

By choosing Fairtrade, you can make a difference to the lives of others, just by baking a cake.

6 min read | February 23, 2019

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