Afternoon tea spread - three tier stand with cakes, scones and tea

7 ideas for afternoon tea at home

by Louise Curry

Afternoon tea is one of the nation’s favourite traditions and something you can easily recreate at home, with a varie-tea of Fairtrade goodies.

From scones and cakes to finger sandwiches and, of course, tea. Why not dust off the good china or pick up a vintage set from your local charity shop and throw yourself an afternoon tea party, Fairtrade-style. Pinkies up!

1. Par-tea time

It wouldn’t be afternoon tea without the tea. Whatever your brew of choice, go for a Fairtrade option and raise a cup to the tea pickers, smallholder farmers and workers throughout the tea supply chain.

2. Going, going, scone

Cream then jam or jam then cream? Whip up a batch of scones, slather with cream and Fairtrade jam for the quintessential British treat—Fairtrade raisins optional. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could even make the jam yourself.

Scones with cream and jam

3. Bake a difference

Choosing Fairtrade ingredients for your bakes and cakes means a fairer deal for the people behind the ingredients. These are some of our favourite Fairtrade cakes, sure to go down a treat with your distinguished guests as well as ensuring a better deal for the hardworking farmers and workers.

Fairtrade banana cake

4. Wine not?

Upgrade your afternoon tea with some Fairtrade sparkling wine—perfect for a special occasion.

Drinking glasses of rose wine

5. Dainty sandwiches

Traditional sandwich fillings include cucumber, smoked salmon and egg mayonnaise with cress. Keep it classy by chopping off the crusts, thinly slicing the fillings and cutting into finger-sized pieces.

Top tip: Take your cheese sandwich up a notch with a drizzle of Fairtrade honey.

Equal Exchange Organic Honey from Ethical Superstore

6. Bloomin’ marvelous

Add some Fairtrade flowers to the table for a pop of colour and an elegant finishing touch.

Pink rose bouquet

7. Special delivery

All of the style and none of the work. Go all in with Traidcraft’s afternoon tea hamper. Containing Fairtrade delicacies such as strawberry jam, cookies, cake, honey, chocolate and loose leaf tea, it’s a great way to treat yourself or a friend. 

Traidcraft afternoon tea set

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Photo of tea set by Maria Lupan, photo of scones by Sarah Kilian, photo of sandwiches by Sebastian Coman, photo of afternoon tea by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash