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Fairtrade Summer Picnic Food Ideas

It’s picnic season! We’ve pulled together a list of some great Fairtrade options to pack into your picnic hamper, so you can enjoy your al fresco experience, knowing that the people who produced your perfect spread were paid fairly.

So grab a blanket and a hamper full of Fairtrade goodies and head outdoors!

What does the Fairtrade mark mean?

The Fairtrade MarkWhen a product has the FAIRTRADE Mark on it, it means that a set of standards has been met. For farmers and workers these include standards to protect their rights and encourage farming practices that protect the climate and environment. For companies, the standards mean they must pay a fair price (no lower than the Minimum Price set by Fairtrade) as well as an additional “Fairtrade Premium” for farmers to invest locally in their farm or community. 

Read more about the Fairtrade standards.



Propercorn’s Sweet flavoured popcorn is made using Fairtrade sugar. Pop open a bag and share with friends.

Propercorn Sweet

Widely available, including at Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

FAIRTRADE Nuts: Liberation Chili and Lime Cashews with Peanuts

Liberation Fairtrade Chilli and Lime Nuts

Liberation sources their nuts from Nicaragua, Bolivia, India and Burkina Faso, from the cooperatives of small-scale farmers who own a 49% share of the company. All of Liberation’s nuts carry the Fairtrade Mark, so go nuts for nuts and support farmers across the globe. Available online and in several stores including Waitrose. The ‘own brand’ nuts at Tesco and Sainsbury’s are provided by Liberation so just look out for the Fairtrade Mark when shopping.

fairtrade Nuts: Zaytoun Almonds

These Fairtrade Palestinian almonds are named after Om al-Fahem, the ancient village where this large, crunchy variety originated. Picked and shelled by hand, they are harvested in late summer and sun-dried so they are full of the season’s sweetness. Zaytoun also sell sweet caramelised almonds.

Buy online from Traidcraft

fairtrade Bananas

And, don’t forget your Fairtrade bananas! Available from Co-op, Waitrose, M&S, Abel & Cole and many other stores. Always look for the Fairtrade Mark.

Salads and sides

Quinoa, pear and nut salad

Fairtrade quinoa and pear salad

This delicious Fairtrade quinoa, pear and nut salad is full of summery tastes, perfect for your picnic. Eat it scooped up in crunchy lettuce leaves or wrapped in four-pepper flatbread (below).

Go to the Fairtrade quinoa, pear and nut salad recipe

> Buy Quinola Mothergrain Fairtrade Quinoa online from stores including Ocado, Morrisons, Abel & Cole and Planet Organic 

Fairtrade Maftoul salad

Zaytoun Fairtrade Maftoul Salad

This light and delicious vegetarian recipe from Zaytoun is another great option for the picnic hamper. Easy to make, its Middle-Eastern flavours bring sunshine to your taste buds even when it’s raining outside.

Zaytoun is a UK-based social enterprise that enables producers in Palestine to sell their produce internationally.

Go to the Zaytoun Maftoul Salad recipe

Buy Zaytoun Fairtrade Maftoul

Fairtrade Hummus

A picnic is not a picnic without hummus to dip your crackers into! It’s so easy to make, save on plastic packaging and whip up your own in no time at all.

Drain and rinse a 400g tin of chickpeas then put them into a blender with 2 tablespoons of Zaytoun Fairtrade olive oil, 2 tablespoons of tahini, 1 crushed clove of garlic, the juice of a lemon, plenty of salt and Bart organic Fairtrade black pepper, then blitz! Add a little water if it needs loosening, or more olive oil. Enjoy!

Buy Zaytoun Organic Fairtrade Olive Oil 

Buy Bart Organic Fairtrade black peppercorns from Ocado

Sandwich fillers

Liberation Fairtrade Crunchy Peanut Butter

Liberation Fairtrade Crunchy Peanut Butter

Liberation’s vision is a world in which smallholder nut producers earn a decent, secure income and can plan for the future of their families and communities. Liberation is 44% owned by the farmers themselves so fill your sandwiches with this crunchy peanut butter and know that nut producers are getting fair bite of the profits.

Buy Liberation Fairtrade Crunchy Peanut Butter online 

Julia Bradbury’s Fairtrade Keftaides

Julia Bradbury - Fairtrade Recipe - Greek Meatballs - RSPCA Assured (cropped)

With Fairtrade olive oil and red wine, these delicious meatballs are great to take on a picnic wrapped in flatbread.

Open the Fairtrade Keftaides recipe

Open Steenberg’s Four Pepper Flatbread recipe

Vego hazelnut and chocolate spread

Vego hazelnut and chocolate spread

Fancy something sweeter to fill your sandwiches? Try Fairtrade vegan hazelnut and chocolate spread from Vego, which is made with fine hazelnut pieces for added crunch. You could event add slices of Fairtrade banana for a delicious chocolate and banana sandwich.

Buy Vego hazelnut and chocolate spread from Ethical Superstore

Fairtrade Cakes

Fairtrade Chocolate Cupcake

Bake your own Fairtrade chocolate fairy cakes. When you choose Fairtrade cocoa and chocolate, you are supporting the fight for living incomes for cocoa farmers

Open our Fairtrade Chocolate cup cake recipe

Fairtrade Drinks

There are loads of great cold Fairtrade drinks to keep you cool on your picnic, from iced coffee and tea to cola, juice and even ‘Fair’ tipple for the grown-ups.

  • ChariTea – Only the best, 100% organic and Fairtrade ingredients are used in ChariTea’s range. And they’re vegan too. Available in fair trade shops and cafés.
  • Percol Iced Coffee The UK’s first organic & Fairtrade iced coffee, available in two tempting flavours – Flat White & Protein Latte, both made with 100% organic and Fairtrade Arabica beans. Widely available.
  • Starbucks Chilled Classic Caffe Latte – A deliciously refreshing blend of milk and Fairtrade certified espresso roast. Widely available.
  • Karma Kola and Gingerella Ginger Ale – No artificial colouring or preservatives and part of the proceeds from each drink go to cola growers’ families. Available in Waitrose, Ocado and others.
  • Gusto Organic Sicilian blood orange and Original energy – Natural energy drinks without the usual synthetics, instead Gusto’s drinks are bubbling with premium, Fairtrade and organic ingredients.
  • Waitrose Fairtrade Chenin Blanc – Zesty, dry and without oak influence, the green apple and citrus flavours are perfect for summer, and sales benefit the community in which it is made. Available at Waitrose

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