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Woman holding Fairtrade roses

6 reasons to buy Aldi Fairtrade flowers

We dispel some common myths about Fairtrade flowers and how Aldi is making positive changes in their flower supply chain and sourcing.

4 min read | November 13, 2023

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How can we have a fair fashion future?

Fashion industry experts Safia Minney, Abhishek Jani and Margaux Schleder shared their insights on fair fashion, ten years after the Rana Plaza tragedy.

3 min read | April 28, 2023

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Fairtrade Olive Farmer Haj Rafeeq Hussein

Fairtrade businesses championing the future of food

Hear from six pioneering Fairtrade brands, from olive oil to chocolate, on how they are working with Fairtrade to create a brighter future.

4 min read | March 6, 2023

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Deborah Osei-Mensah Fairtrade ambassador

Deborah’s story: ‘There is hope if there is certification.’

Fairtrade ambassador Deborah Osei-Mensah explains how Fairtrade farmers are tackling climate change – and what world leaders need to do.

3 min read | November 11, 2022

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Plastic waste

7 Fairtrade Switches to cut your plastic use

Take the standard supermarket product. We buy it, consume it, discard it. But we all know that a product’s life is longer than that. Fairtrade works to shed light on what happens before you buy a product but what happens after you discard it matters too.

4 min read | September 18, 2021

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Dried food in jars

7 ways shoppers are acting more sustainably

People are beginning to think differently when it comes to grocery shopping. Not only are we thinking about price, we are also starting to consider how the product was made and the impact it has on both people and the planet.

2 min read | January 14, 2020

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Hand holding leaf with leaf rust

Why fairer trade is crucial to fighting the climate crisis

‘The fight for democracy and justice and the fight against environmental breakdown are one and the same.’ – George Monbiot

6 min read | December 11, 2019

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10 ways Fairtrade helps advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Here are ten ways Fairtrade contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3 min read | October 23, 2019

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Man putting shopping in a basket including Fairtrade bananas

Shoppers are demanding sustainable options – are companies getting on board?

More and more of us are expressing our values through our everyday shopping. We increasingly demand more information about what goes into our food and other purchases, where they come from and how they are made.

3 min read | May 7, 2019

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Cotton farmer picking cotton boll

Top 10 Facts about Fairtrade Cotton

Cotton is the world’s oldest commercial crop and is grown in more than 100 countries. How much do you know about this fibre and the people who produce it?

5 min read | January 14, 2019

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