Welcome to Choose the world you want – a festival of climate, Fairtrade and you. 22 February to 7 March 2021.

This page lists all events that have taken place – or that will take place – during the festival. To browse upcoming events, please see our Lineup page.

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22 February 2021 4:30 pm | Zoom

Cook Along with Euten Lindsay

Host: Fairtrade Connections – Community Arts Festival 

Celebrated Devon-based chef Euten Lindsay will be showing us how to make his Sweet Potato and Callaloo Galette, Rice and Gungo Peas and Piquant Tomato Sauce. You can download Euten’s recipes in advance from the Fairtrade Yorkshire website. This event is sponsored by Pocklington FLAG (Fairtrade and Local Produce Action Group).

22 February 2021 6:30 pm | Instagram

Cook together with Rosie and Mel

Host: Melissa Hemsley Rosie Birkett 

Join two of the most conscious cooks in the UK, Rosie Birkett and Melissa Hemsley, as they create delicious Fairtrade treats live on Instagram.

25 February 2021 6:30 pm | YouTube, Instagram
Cost: Free

Bake Fairtrade Espresso Mocha Brownies with Waitrose and Will Torrent

Host: Waitrose & Partners 

Premiering at 6:30pm on 25 February, the Fairtrade Foundation and Waitrose are excited to share a virtual bake-a-long, run by award-winning patisserie chef and chocolatier Will Torrent. He will show us how to cook delicious Fairtrade Espresso Mocha Brownies step-by-step, and we’ll also hear from Fairtrade cocoa farmer, Leocadie.

24 February 2022 12:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Live from the olive groves in Palestine

Host: Zaytoun 

Taysir Arbasi, Zaytoun’s advocacy and liaison officer in Palestine, talks to Awad Melhim from the olive groves! Join us for this live event.

28 February 2022 12:00 pm | YouTube
Cost: Free

Cafédirect live podcast – Building Better Business: Climate of crisis for farmers

Host: Cafédirect 

This special edition episode will dig deep into how climate change is affecting the farmers who grow our food, what that means for us and how we can help.

1 March 2022 12:30 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

The Pedagogy of Chocolate

Host: Development Education Research Centre 

Dr Bob Manteaw (University of Ghana) will share how he has employed chocolate as a teaching and learning resource in his global higher education efforts in North America.

2 March 2022 7:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Read Between The Wines

Host: Co-op Central England 

Join us live online and taste four Fairtrade wines, learn the basics of wine tasting and enjoy games, activities and polls to keep up the good cheer!

3 March 2022 6:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Baking Masterclass with Sandy Docherty

Host: National Campaigner Committee 

Join Bake Off’s Sandy Docherty as she recreates the rich chocolate York Tart that earned her a Hollywood handshake.

3 March 2022 7:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Fairtrade x Co-op wine tasting AND celebration of Fairtrade wine

Host: Co-op 

Join Co-op and guests for a special wine tasting and celebration of Fairtrade wine. Hear from Co-op’s very own wine connoisseur, Ed Robinson, and a Fairtrade wine producer from the comfort of your home! Try some award-winning Fairtrade wine with us – together we can help make positive changes to the lives of producers and their communities around the world.

4 March 2022 11:00 am | YouTube
Cost: Free

Fairtrade coffee masterclass with Co-op

Host: Co-op 

Join Co-op’s coffee masterclass to learn all about Fairtrade coffee, get involved in a tasting session and find out more about how Co-op has been supporting coffee farmers in Kenya to become more climate resilient.

4 March 2022 4:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Tony’s and Fairtrade: Choco Quiz and Tasting

Host: Fairtrade Foundation Tony's Chocolonely 

Join Tony’s and Fairtrade for a discussion about cocoa, an interactive quiz and chocolate tasting! Be one of the first 100 to sign up and get Tony’s Chocolonely sent to your door for free!

8 March 2022 7:30 pm | Suki Tea HQ + online
Cost: Free | or £9.95 for event access + 4 teas sent to your address (UK & ROI only)

Join Suki Tea makers for a virtual interactive tea tasting

Host: Suki Tea 

Tea experts Oscar & Annie host a virtual cuppa. Learn how to make the perfect cup of tea and how supporting Fairtrade tea makes a difference.