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Welcome to the youth exhibition

Keep an eye out for an exciting new exhibition coming in 2022!

In the meantime, explore our 2021 exhibition, showcasing young people’s visions of the world they want for farmers and workers worldwide, and the planet we all share. Their work celebrates the power we all have to make a difference, and inspires us all to choose the world we want to see.


We are delighted to invite young activist, artist and Youth for Fairtrade member, Ella Trudgeon, to open the Choose The World You Want Youth Exhibition for Fairtrade Fortnight 2021.

‘Peace Buy Piece’ By Ralph, aged 9

‘How I want to see the World’ by Baktash, Aged 11

Farmers get fair trades helping them to provide for them and their
Animal forced labour abolished, so they can go back to their
natural habitats.
Indigenous people that work hard hours everyday get fair deals.
Recreating different systems so it can benefit the environment.
Trees being planted everywhere around the world.
Recycling, reusing and reducing even more.
All should be treated fairly, no discrimination.
Deforestation coming to an end.
Economic and environmental- friendly cities, towns and villages all over the world.

‘I am Old Enough’ By Layla, aged 5

Learn about Fairtrade with Twins Eleanor and Oliver, Aged 6

Learn about Fairtrade and hear Eleanor and Oliver’s inspirational visions.

Watch this film on YouTube

‘Choose the World You Want’ by Harry, Aged 9

Fairtrade is a choice, one we can all make,
A collective decision to choose love over hate.

In the world I choose, the scales aren’t tipped,
They are balanced just right, with fairtrade coffee sipped.

In the world I choose, fashion isn’t fast,
It’s sustainable cotton, made to last.

In the world I choose, every farmer could assume,
They’d be fairly paid for the food we all consume.

In the world I choose, working conditions will thrive,
No worker in poverty, struggling to survive.

In the world I choose, climate change will be addressed,
As the carbon we all create becomes less and less.

In a world like this, the Fairtrade logo wouldn’t need to persist,
Because unfair trade would no longer exist.

‘Think’ by Aoife, Aged 6

Think – is this the world you want it to be?
A world where you always look for the Fairtrade sticker. Think.
A world where workers receive better prices for crops so people can live better. Think.
A world where plants can be grown on the same field year after year. So farming is sustainable. Think.
A world where everyone receives good working conditions.
Remember we are all equal. Think.
A world where we all look after each other. Think.
Think and act.

‘Be the Change’ By Emily, aged 11

‘My Vision of The world I want’ by Amy, Aged 8

I dream about putting the planet first
I dream that we can support growers and producers in all countries
I dream we can all live sustainably
I dream that we can repair the planet
I dream we can improve social and environmental standards
I dream that the planet and people should not be exploited
This does not have to be MY dream
This can become a REALITY if we all play our part
Let’s all make our planet a happy and fair place for all

‘My Vision’ By Rocha, aged 12

On one side is the world we live in now. This includes pollution, plastic in the ocean, cut down trees and melting ice on Antarctica. The other side is the world we could live in and the world I want with trees, animals, fish and sear creatures.

‘The world I want’ by Mila, Aged 8

The world I want has lots of happy faces,
With clear, blue skies and lush, green spaces.

No pollution in the oceans or seas,
Sea creatures as healthy as can be.

Joyful we will feel,
Fair trade bananas we will peel!

Sad faces we see rarely,
Because all farmers get paid fairly.

All animals in their natural home,
And they would be free to roam,
With no worries about people’s plastic,
That would be fantastic!

Everyone is doing their bit,
Which together helps a lot,
And every person recognises,
The beautiful world we’ve got.

‘Organic World’ by Oscar, aged 10

‘A world where I want to be’ By Tamar, aged 14

A world where I want to be is a world that is fair. A world where people are not not disadvantaged because of where they come from or because they are a part of a system that doesn’t value their work, a system that doesn’t value them. A world where I want to be, is a world where buying Fairtrade products is the norm. A world where I want to be is a world where millions aren’t suffering under deplorable treatment. To get there we need change. Something we can do. Did you know that 1.66 million Fairtrade farmers come from 73 countries across the globe? All you have to do is make a small change and buy some Fairtrade products to make a huge difference. Together we can do it. Together we can make a change. Change starts with you.

‘My Vision’ By Leo, Aged 7

‘Clean and Green’ By Pippa, Aged 11

Great big forests
Great big trees
Lots of flowers
A heaven for bees.

Sustainable paper
Acres of trees
Vegetables galore
Can I have some please?

Plastic free seas
Plastic free lagoons
Bioluminescent algae
Shimmering under the moon.

From great blue whales
To clever chimps
They all matter
Even the shrimps.

Protecting our planet
Is the best we can do
We’re in this together,
Me and You.

‘Vision in Makaton’ By Pupils at Merstone Special School

‘Fairtrade Vision’ By Kyron, aged 9

Farmers and families get a better life
A stable income
Improve working and living conditions
Represent farmers
Time to use Fairtrade
Running water
Always use Fairtrade
Do all you can to support small farms
Everyone looks for the Fairtrade mark

‘The World I want to Live In’ By Sophie, aged 11

‘I see a Fair Future’ By Tamika, aged 16

I see a fair future
A fair, safe future where people can do what they love without fear
A fair future where the flowers bloom and trees grow tall and animals can live in harmony in the wild, like they should

I see a fair future
A fair future with turquoise seas and aquatic life thriving
Sand on the beaches golden and soft, not contaminated with humans disregarded trash

I see a fair future
A fair future with no pay gaps
Farmers, workers and the people that make the clothes we wear are paid what they deserve and are treated like people

Finally, I see a bright future
A future where we ALL work together to save the place we live
A bright future where the sun shines bright in the seasons it should and a future where we look after the planet and happiness fills the air instead of pollution.

‘I want to enjoy your beauty’ By Grace, aged 6

‘My World’ by Saifee, Aged 10

My world has:
Health and safe countries
All countries help each other
All countries have an equal amount of money each month so the people there are safe and healthy
Everyone gets paid fairly
There is a world Union that discusses world problems that they can help with
My world is not polluted and has safe air
My world does not have plastic pollution because everyone makes sustainable choices in what materials they use
Every country makes sensible choices in what materials they use
Every country is a safe place
My world does not take part in deforestation
My world is healthy and safe for everyone!

‘Mirage of Eden’ By Marisa, aged 21

To this vision I am bound:
the wasp buzz of a wave;
life and colour all around;
the blessings mother gave.
I am – choking – on dreams
of a rich, safe Eden –
a world serene at its seams,
uncut by cords of freedom.
Inhale fumes – exhale smoke –
a star – with wings
interrupts my hope –
and the – breath – it brings.
Fair trades and honest tongues,
sustainability will suffice.
Cemeteries of – uprooted lungs –
replaces paradise…
reward! – to those who stab-
at our womb –
and for those who tend, not grab,
the creatures, fruits, and bloom?
This rot – is in – my veins –
consume, consume, consume
we must – burn these chains
to kill – our barren doom.
Touch life beyond the computer,
rain and jungle dew,
a cleaner, greener future,
peace not just for the few.
My throat – burns
satisfaction slips my fingers
and to the past returns,
so only faith now lingers.
For libraries of celestial stories
Sun and Moon chase each other
Over unpolluted territories.
Tree nymphs will rediscover
their legs to dance and play
among skyscraper trees and towers.
Ink-free mermaids visit the bay
threading crowns of flowers,
never to know a plastic hell.
Fair costs and full cheeks
Nature, cast your spell!
Sung from mouths and beaks.
Imagine bellies full of berries,
imagine poverty, illness ended,
imagine trees alive with fairies,
imagine our earth, tended.

‘My Perfect World’ By Isaac, aged 9

‘My Vision for the World’ by Dylan, Aged 10

From Today
And from now on,
I need the world to
Around the world
Division no more
Equality and fairness for EVERYONE.

‘Ail gylchwch pob peth er myn y byd’ By Caleb, Aged 9

‘My vision’ by Daniel, aged 16

My vision for the future is clear
And that vision for the future starts here
No more wars, oppression or fear
No more polluted atmophere
No more unjust incarcerations
No more wrong exonerations
Hunger and famine will be eradicated
No part of our planet will be overpopulated
Foreign aid is no longer needed
Advice on climate change is heeded

So where do we begin, what do we do?
How do we change our world view?
Start with the small things like what we buy
Give Fairtrade tea and coffee a try
They pay their farmers more than the rest
With premiums that the farmers can invest
To help their community by building schools,
Water pumps and more farming tools
We can incite change by investing too
In Fairtrade clothes and Fairtrade food
For if this planet’s future is to be ensured
The wounds of the earth must first be cured.

‘My Hopes’ by Konan, aged 12

Konan lives in Cote D’Ivoire. His parents are members of a Fairtrade cocoa co-operative.

‘My Vision’, By Yusuf, aged 5

‘My vision of the world I want’ By Patrick, aged 8

I’m hoping for a world of peace
That means all wars would cease
I would like a fair price for all food
Which would put me in a good mood

I hope that no trees would be cut to make wood
That would be very good
I would really like equal rights for all
No one should be made to feel small

‘Our World, Our Choice’ By Students at Buxton and Leek College

Join students from Buxton and Leek College to find out how Fairtrade has helped them to choose the world they want.

Watch this film on YouTube

‘The World I Want’ By Indie, aged 10

I dream of bright and blue, blue sea’s,
I pray for turquoise water.
I beg for healthy and clean air,
I can’t think of the world getting hotter.
Wasting gallons and gallons of water,
Only makes me cry.
Sea levels rising metr by metr,
Brings a tear to my eye.
I do tell people to by food local,
To make it fair to farmers.
We make supplies fairtrade for a reason,
For farmers that grow food through the seasons.
I can’t save the world all by myself,
No matter how much time I buy.
Although you think we will not make it.
Would you like to know that you tried?

‘My World’ By William, age 10

‘My Vision’ by Hamza, Aged 15

What do we say about our mother, nature
She is all around us, she sustains us
She puts us in danger
She causes de-population
She rises up our crops
She enables deforestation
You rely on her
But she relies on no one

What do we see in our mother, nature
Climate change, the likes of never before
Glaciers are melting and sea levels rising
Unpredictable weather simulating war
Diseases we cannot cure
People becoming poor
People in uproar
Because they claim they can restore
The life we were once ensured.

Who is to blame? Is it our mothers or really just ourselves?
Are we being controlled or are we the ones controlling?
We should encourage others to push themselves
To recycle, reuse and reform our waste
We should check where we get our products
And are they branded with Fairtrade
This will help to stop by-products
Like deforestation and debate
And allow us to elevate
The farmers who we segregate
Who provide us with the food on our plate
While all we do is discriminate
And violate and copulate
Instead why don’t we educate
Rehabilitate and liberate
Are we going to abdicate
The right we have been designated?

‘The Future world we want To See’ By Stromness Academy in Orkney

The above image is a cairn put together by pupils at Stromness Academy in Orkney. Pupils spent time looking at exhibits in the gallery and then responded by creating stones and building them into a memorial Cairn. A way marker on our journey out of lockdown and into the future world we want to build together.

‘I see a World’ by Kiana, Aged 8

I see a world to be
A beautiful sight to see

I see a world that is fair
Where there is no despair

All we need to do to get there
Is to give the workers our care

We do this by accepting Fairtrade
So, they get enough money for all that they have made.

We can give as much as we dare
For all the clothes that we wear

We are all from one kin
We can’t let meanness win.

I see a world at peace
Where poverty and unfairness will cease.

Where forgiveness will reign
And peace will remain.

‘Fair Pay for Farmers’ By Jenson, Aged 9

“I think farmers should be paid more for the hard work they do, and chocolate companies should pay fairly.”

‘O’ Children’ By Muhammad, aged 16

O’ children, as the Sun falls beneath the sky
and the end of the day is nigh,
gather round for this story
of gory glory and a fall from a high storey.

It begins with nature, our mother
with beauty and kindness of no other.
Life and love she brought,
care and caution she taught.

Yet, we cut down her green trees
and murder her pollinating bees,
paving the earth with desertification,
her world burns in a morbid cremation.

Her creatures, polar bears, pandas, dying,
the setting sun is terrifying,
a reminder of the Earth which we’re losing
through our naïve, selfish illusion.

Children, our skies grow dark with pollution.
What is the solution
to our deafening and urgent problem?
Or, shall our planet perish, a mausoleum.

The taste of coal, oil and gas is bitter,
but, we consume it like sweet liquor.
The glory of such power
is gory, destructive and sour.

We soared to the heavens,
however, from the impurity of coal, we met the devil.
The fall from the top
is our reason to stop.

A purchase of Fairtrade
gives us the fair shade
from the scorching sun,
the sizzling bullet from our own diseased gun.

An organisation of equality
and honesty.
Bringing life back to Mother Nature,
for we can do nothing greater.

So, children, as the moon rises
and sleep reprises
your weary eyes,
remember the highs

of humanity,
the atmosphere and its cavity,
our love for electricity
causing tragic toxicity;

for my story has neared, its woeful end,
as has the need to attend,
all we must do now
is apologise with a bow

and return deserved life
to nature’s global strife.

‘My Vision’ By DylLis, Aged 12

‘Walking Past’ by olivia, Aged 13

I walk across the land,
Gazing with wonder.
The beauty of it all,
Is for one to ponder.

Flowers cover the ground,
And trees stretch to the sky,
I look at them,
So happy, I feel like I can fly.

Fascinated by it all,
Further more I walk.
I come across a clearing,
I can hardly dare to talk.

Creatures thrive a plenty,
In their habitats,
No animals getting hunted,
To be made into fur hats.

Birds soar without fear,
Of getting hit by a car.
Rhinos wear their horns
Just the way they are.

No lorries rushing past,
Belching out those fumes.
No factories producing smog,
Covering all in gloom.

I walk on still, into town.
And I am pleased to see,
Wind turbines over there,
Creating energy for free.

The water sparkles,
With a beautiful gleam,
There’s no oil in there,
Only the Sun’s beams.

No stray plastic,
Floating on oceans blue,
No ugly colours,
Darkening the seas hue.

A rainbow arches nicely,
As the temperature is just right.
Perfect sets of rain clouds,
And the sun gives glorious light.

The grass is green,
The sky is blue, and the seas are cleared of grease.
How I love this wonderful world,
Of beauty, tranquillity, and peace!

‘The World that I want to see’ By Hugo, Aged 10

‘Choose the world you want’ by Arabella, Aged 7

F fair pay for farmers and their families
A around the world together
I in this together we can make a change
R right now right here we can all help
T together we can make a difference
R remarkable opportunities
A all for a better education
D developing a better future
E everyone deserves the same

‘The World I want’ By Logan, aged 8

‘The World I want for the Future’ By Nicholas, aged 10

The world I want for the future,
Is where the air is much purer.
For the weather to transform,
Into days that are cool or warm.
Freezing cold and boiling hot,
Should be something, best forgot.

I wish for the oceans to be completely clean,
With not a bit of plastic that can be seen.
The sea creatures should be able to swim,
Freely and happily without a bottle cap on their fin.
Humans to survive don’t need to eat fish,
As there are others things that can end up on our dish.

The globe’s forests should be green and dense,
Filled with animals that continue into the future tense.
Trees should be nourished and planted,
And never ever taken for granted.
I want to see wildlife and insects jumping around,
Living their life on the grassy ground.

Children deserve a good education no matter rich or poor,
And have excellent teachers who they can adore.
Opportunities are important to all,
No matter how big or small.
Everyone should have their own home,
And never have to worry about being alone.

I would like future leaders to care and to listen,
And to help people not in their fortunate position.
I want us to love everyone and be kind,
As we can’t see into each other’s mind.
The world I want for the future can be bright
If we all try with all our might.

‘Greener Cities’ By Lily, aged 17

‘The world I want’ by Matilde, Aged 7

Wouldn’t it be nice to live on planet Earth without any plastic, but instead all things sourced from natural materials? A world in which there are no cities, but instead we live spread out in small villages across the globe. Where we live in well-built huts that use naturally sourced energy and have enough land around us to grow fruits and vegetables. Paths instead of highways to connect these villages. We travel by horse or bicycle. We use small boats to travel across the seas, powered by solar and wind energy. There are no airplanes. We live in harmony with nature and animals, knowing not to overfish or overhunt. People treat each other kindly and with respect, they help one another. If all of this would be true, our planet would [have] deep blue seas and vivid green lands, animals of all kinds and colours and no pollution.

‘My Fairtrade Vision’ By Letizia, aged 11

Fair is a world I want
Active, equal and kind
Interested and curious
Rubbish none around
Trees in large amounts
Respectful and generous
Abundant responsibilities
Deeds not words
Engage with nature and help our climate!

‘The Ideal world’ by Katie, Aged 13

If you look at the world,
You’ll see it is a mess,
Because when protecting it from harm,
Humans did not do their best.

The ideal world would be one of peace,
No guns, no war, no hate or destruction,
One where we are safe from even a volcanic erruption.

A world where plants grow freely,
A world where animals are safe from harm completely,
A world where violence is a thing of the past,
A world where safety is a thing that will last.

A place where we can be ourselves,
And no one will discriminate,
A place where we can be happy,
A place where we feel love not hate.

If you look at the world,
You’ll see it is a mess,
Because when protecting it from harm,
Humans did not do their best.

The ideal world would be one of peace,
No guns, no war, no hate or destruction,
One where we are safe from even a volcanic erruption.

A world where plants grow freely,
A world where animals are safe from harm completely,
A world where violence is a thing of the past,
A world where safety is a thing that will last.

A place where we can be ourselves,
And no one will discriminate,
A place where we can be happy,
A place where we feel love not hate.

The world would be great if all things were fair,
And of others feelings, everyone is aware.

‘How I would Like the world to be and how I want it to stay’ By Kate, aged 14

‘What I want for our Planet’ By Lily, Aged 10

I want our planet to be whole, complete,
Not broken and dying, destroyed,
We are attacking it with heat,
This is not something to be toyed with.

With many of us in poverty,
And a third of children,
They have had complete robbery,
And we need to keep building our perfect world.

Plastic is infesting our beautiful oceans,
And killing our incredible wildlife,
Let’s put our re-using plan into motion
Let’s cut through littering like a knife.

Climate change is wrecking our home,
We must change, must save Earth,
More electric cars, less diesel to roam,
Join the fight because it will be worth it.

World hunger is a rising shame,
And we are to blame,
Let’s help people be able to pay for food,
Starvation we will intrude.

The future will be made
If we turn to fair trade.

‘My Vision’ By Kouadio, aged 11

Kouadio lives in Cote d’Ivoire. Her parents are members of a Fairtrade cocoa co-operative.

‘Our Future’ By David, aged 23

Watch this film on YouTube

‘My vision for the world’ by Faith, Aged 11

I want a world where everything is fairer.

Fair is choosing products that can impact lives,
Fair is being nice, respectful, and kind,
Fair is pure and refined,
In a world that’s always moving,
It means no one is left behind.

Fair is helping each other,
Putting our differences aside,
Fair is giving to others,
Even if you don’t get a reply.

Fair is backing the logo,
Commonly known as Fairtrade,
Fair is treating each other equally,
Making sure everyone can live happily.

Fair is making sure farmers have better trading conditions,
Fair is making sure we help farmers out of hard positions,
Fair is Fairtrade.

‘A Fair World’ by Huw, age 9

‘My Farm, Forest and Community’ by Koffi, ageD 10

Koffi lives in Cote d’Ivoire. His parents are members of a Fairtrade cocoa co-operative.

‘No Deforestation’ by Rose, age 8

‘My Vision’ by Maxwell, Aged 11

I would like to see more trees planted to stop climate change,
Ash, pine, coconut, oak, horse chestnut; plant any range.

I would like to see more recycling and no plastic going to waste,
the convenience lifestyle mean there is too much rush and haste.

I would like to see no nasty disease or virus infecting people of all ages and me,
I want to see nothing destroyed from flooding and earthquakes, an end to any catastrophe.

All I ask is for this wonderful world is love and care,
no shooting fluffy, feathery and fantastic creatures especially when the type is very rare.

We are causing the global warming that reduces the habitat of the polar bear,
But we can make a difference by looking after planet Earth that we all share!

‘Dream World’ by Farah, Aged 11

My dream world is where everyone is treated fair.
My dream world is where we respect the air.

My dream world is where there is peace,
But we can’t even be protected by the police.

Let’s not get our hopes too high
Our heads in the clouds up in the sky.

We can make the dream world come true,
If we can work together to see the skies turn blue.

Let’s work together so we can roam the earth freely,
Let’s work together so we can see our future completely.

‘My vision’ By Thomas, aged 11

The world that should be seen,
Has plants and trees that are green,
Farmers getting a fair price,
To take care of families nice,
Bring an end to mass pollution,
And manual labour institutions,
Global warming’s not inviting,
Earn world peace, stop the fighting.

‘Choose the world you want’ by Jamie, Aged 13

The planet we have is turning sour,
but these next two weeks, it gives us power.
We can change the current situation,
to bring about the reformation.

Climate Change has ceased to simmer,
and now our future is getting dimmer and dimmer.
But a light is shining, brightening the dark,
thanks to Fairtrade, the change is stark!

Now the masses are becoming aware,
the people are listening, the trades are fair.
So now armed with Fairtrade Cocoa and Grapes,
it’s our world, and a world we can shape.

A change is imminent, delightful, and sweet,
because we are all happy with the food we can eat.
But because all our problems were left to stir,
the climate is heating, as fast as a blur

The workers are getting what they really need,
all because you bought Fairtrade, a truly good deed.
So, here’s to keeping up all this hard work,
because its helping others, and that’s quite the perk.

‘My Vision of the world I want’ by Tara, aged 6

Tara’s poster has blue and green in the background which represents water and land and which are also the colours of the Fairtrade logo. It has lots of prints to show different people coming together and working unitedly. The words are the terms Tara associates with Fairtrade.

‘The Perfect World’ By Gwen, aged 7

I want to live in a world where,
everyone is treated equal and fair.

Trees are planted lush and green,
the air is fresh, sweet and clean.

Remember, reusing or recyling all your plastic,
is good for the environment which is fantastic.

The farmers deserve to have fair pay,
for all the work they do every day.

Let the children go to school to learn and play,
they are our future leaders and will run the world one day.

‘Choose the World You Want’ By Anouska, Aged 12

Watch this film on YouTube

‘the world I’d Like’ By Sarah, aged 13

Majestic mountains soaring high,
To a non-polluted, clear blue sky
Birds and white clouds draw your eye,
This is the world I’d like.

Animals roaming without fear,
An elephant, a passing deer
Where water flows, the rivers clear,
This is the world I’d like.

Everyone working hand in hand,
Producing crops, ploughing the land
With food for everyone, fresh not bland,
This is the world I’d like.

Marine life flourishing in the sea,
Whales and dolphins, swimming free
No plastic waste from you or me,
This is the world I’d like.

A peaceful world for us to share,
Where children can live without a care
No violence or hatred anywhere,
This, is the world I’d like.

‘Leave Space For Nature’ by Annabella, aged 8

‘My Perfect World’ by Polly, Aged 11

My perfect world is where everyone is equal
In that place happiness is frequent
And underpayment will always be illegal
In my perfect world it is always peaceful

My perfect world is full of love
It is where all hatreds disposed of
It is a plce to play in the sun
My perect world is where climate change is gone

My perfect world is where dreams will be pursued
It is where we’ll always push through
It is a place where the birds will always coo
In my perfect world everyone loves you

My perfect world is where the animals are safe
In that place we always have faith
And it won’t matter about our looks or our race
In my perfect world we’ll always be our own way

In my perfect world there’s no litter on the street
In that place everyone can affort to eat
It is where the lambs always bleat
In my perfect world joy is on repeat

My perfect world is where we giggle and smile
And happiness will run for miles
All the animals will have a home in the world
In my perfect world it will never be hostile

In my perfect world the air is pristine
And all the smoke will be unseen
Everyone will be green
In my perfect world everyone has a place to be

‘A Truly Equal and Fair Future For All’ By Zoe, aged 24

‘My vision’ By Adalia, aged 11

I had dream and a vision,
now I have a proposition.
For you and for all,
so that nature may not fall.

Pollution swept away,
oh what a lovely day!
Let’s bring this world back to life!
For it is filled with strife.

Animals should roam free,
and fish should fill the seven seas.
Clouds should fill the sky,
and flocks of birds should fly up high.

We should plant new trees,
and get rid of disease.
The world should be filled with clean air,
and all of the world should be balanced and fair.

Animals are endangered,
there are many that we’ve favoured.
Many have been lost,
we should know the cost.

Gandhi once said,
‘We must be the change we want to see.’
We must change the world,
so nature will be set

‘My Vision’ By Konan, aged 13

Konan lives in Cote d’Ivoire. His parents are members of a Fairtrade cocoa co-operative.

‘Fairtrade Vision’ by Jake, Aged 9

Freedom of choice,
Allows all to make a change,
Inspire a new generation,
Recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce.
Trade should be fair, sustainable, and equal.
Remember the smallest change can count.
Are you prepared to pay the price?
Do not delay.
Every person can make a difference, make your choice!

‘the Peace of Nature’ By Zoe, aged 12

The summer breeze
The sky, the seas
The rain drops on the tulip leaves
So blue the sky
Clouds so high
So very wise
The worlds eyes

The peace of nature
A new adventure
Equal nations
Through our creations
Violence cease
World Peace

‘The World I Want’ By Jainam, Aged 10

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‘This is the world I Would Love to See’ By Milly, aged 8

Choose the world we want, because we have the power
Watch trees grow and flowers flower.
Cleaner oceans and rivers reining free
This is the world I would love to see.

Engangered species make a thing of the past,
Tigers in the jungle and cheetahs running fast.
Children given chances, just like you and me,
This is the world I would like to see.

Let’s end poverty in every corner of the world,
Let’s forget racism, let’s hold each others hand.
Stop all the meddling and just let nature be,
This is the world I would love to see.

We are the future; we are the voice,
End all the arguments, let us all rejoice.
We all must stand together, this is the key
To make our world, the world we all would love to see.

‘The World I want’ by Taige, aged 11

‘The world needs better humans’ by Amelie Aged 10

Rainforests, Rainforests,
Orangutans, Indigenous people, monkeys, toads and snakes,
All have the right,
To have a forest abode,
Stop the greed, logging, mining and cattle farming,
Buy less paper, eat less meat and care better

Oceans, oceans,
Coral reefs, whales, dolphins, polar bears and penguins,
All have the right,
To a clean ocean home,
Laziness laziness,
All needs to end,
Buy less plastic, dispose of rubbish well, waste less, care better

Global warming, global warming,
Storms, droughts, icebergs, floods, habitats destroyed and starvation,
All animals and all humans have the right to live on a safe planet,
Waste less, eat less, travel less, care better

People, people,
Plastic, pollution, racism, war and freedom,
We should all have the right to share our clean planet,
Selfishness, selfishness
Buy less, pay fairly, care better.

The world needs better humans.

‘Picture of the future’ by Sammy, aged 11

Sammy lives in Cote d’Ivoire. His parents are members of a Fairtrade cocoa co-operative.

‘Fairtrade Vision’ by Sophie, Aged 11

Fairtrade is not working all day in the sweltering sun,
Tiring in a factory for fine spun cotton
Hardly being paid enough to buy food or medical aid,
Fairtrade is not companies making the prices cheaper,
Now there is not food for yet another reaper,
Fairtrade is not farmers receiving an improper wage,
And more powerful people taking advantage,
Fairtrade is not praying, hoping, wishing
That this will not be your children’s future.

Fairtrade is not dishonest or unjust,
Fairtrade is a unitrust,
Workers in the chain,
Get paid a fair price,
For their coffee, bananas, tea and rice,
Everyone receives a financial slice,
Farmers have food suffice,
Fairtrade is treating people equally,
And doing what is right,
Why don’t you take up this insight,
Of the difficulties of farmers who are non fair trade,
Buy fair trade, see the difference it has made

What is fair, I hear you ask?
Fair is a grace befallen to me, I am gifted with the privilege of
Fresh water, education and electricity,
Fair is not worrying about food or your children attending school,
Fair is not worrying about many things at all
Fairness is an entitlement which many people lack
So next time you go shopping
Put Fairtrade in your shopping bag or sack

‘A world with no plastic’ By Olivia, aged 12

‘The world I want’ by Thiago, Aged 9

I would like the world to be a place
where everyone is happy and free.
Take care of people and nature
and do not chop any tree.

If we are all kind to each other
and work as a team,
our Earth will help us and
the Sun will be as bright as a beam.

We must respect people’s ideas,
stop wars to protect others
and Be kind to your
Sisters and Brothers.

To have enough water and food to live
everybody should be paid fair
so the products we eat are sustainable
to show them we really care.

‘Fairtrade’ by Jack, Aged 9

Freedom of choice,
Allows all to make a change,
Inspire a new generation,
Recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce.
Trade should be fair, sustainable, and equal.
Remember the smallest change can count.
Are you prepared to pay the price?
Do not delay.
Every person can make a difference, make your choice!

‘My Fairtrade Vision’ by Archie, Aged 11

Farmers farm fairly
Animals graze graciously
Imagine a clean world
Recycle rotten rubbish
Tropical trees flourishing
Respect our world
Amazon always alive
Determined to stop pollution
Everyone matters

‘The World I want’ by George, aged 8

I would like to world to be fair
Buying Fairtrade items show you care
It helps the farmers get a fair price
Bananas, coffee and tea and lots of things nice

I would like the world to be kind
Like a great big hug from mankind
Stop the bullies frrom making us sad
Being cruel is really bad

I would like the world to be healthy
Don’t make yourself wealthy
And all the rest poor
Together, we can be so much more!

‘The World I Want’ By Isabel, aged 9

‘The world I want’ by Kaisha, Aged 13

The world I want is clean and people pick up their rubbish and put it in a bin.
In the world I want every ocean is blue and sea creatures are not taken from their home.
In the world I want everyone has a home.
Most of all I want a world where everyone is happy.

‘World In Danger’ By C Evans, aged 6

‘A product of the Here and Now’ By Leonardo, aged 22

Let me start by saying that I appreciate you.

I thank you for being a beacon of unyielding will for us to look up to,
I thank you for the flowers you grew and the work you do,
You who have seen the sowing of the seeds of our foundation thoroughly through,
Toiling away to an end as tastelessly bitter as the coffee we brew

We sleep soundly on sheets of soft cotton,
We mull over wine, the finest we’ve ever gotten,
We have shops whose stock is chock full of the fruits of labour long forgotten,
We have business practices that are nothing short of rotten,

Covid came out of left field and appears to be leaving approximately never,
It’s at times like these we must endeavour,
Endeavor together to support those who need it most through this mounting pressure,
Because things need to change now more than ever,

So don’t be short-changed in this transaction,
Sound the alarm, ring the bell, blare the klaxon,
Let your rights be heard from farm to county fair — take action,
Demand a fair price and never let it lower by even a fraction,

Pave the way until all roads that lead to success have been cemented,
Spread word through the grapevine so that the status quo can be mended,
So that we can right the wrongs that have long since fermented,
You deserve better than to weather forever the entirety of a storm that can be prevented,

I want to speak my mind and this is a gold opportunity,
Our goal should be to seek nothing but the best for each and every community,
Let us never tolerate exploitation with impunity,
So that we may bring about a better future as a product of the here and now through unity,

May we begin again anew as we pick apart problematic practices plaguing the present day,
At times things may look grim but it doesn’t have to stay this way,
I see a Fairtrade future enriched with better conditions and fair pay,
And with that I’ve said my piece, so there’s only one thing left to say,

So let me end by saying once again, that I appreciate you.

‘The world I want’ by Amelia, aged 11

‘I want to live in harmony’ by Molly Aged 8

Save the oceans,
Save the animals,
Save the trees,
We want to live in a place with harmony,
Choose the world you want.

We buy Fairtrade goods for equality and sustainability,
To stop the farmers poverty,
We want to live in a place with harmony,
Choose the world you want.

Reduce, reuse, recyle
Stop plastic pollution,
Stop the climate change,
We want to live in a place with harmony
Choose the world you want.

Stop the children working,
Start the children playing,
Hear the children laughing,
Give them freedom.
We want to live in a place with harmony
Choose the world you want.

Listen to my vision
Look at the world around us.
I want to live in a place with harmony
Only one world
Choose the world you want.

‘Together we can make a difference’ By Sarah, aged 5