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The Fairtrade farmers and workers on the front line of the climate crisis talk about what it takes to grow so much of the food we all depend on. You’ll hear about their daily challenges – and what being part of Fairtrade means for their families and communities…

Rosa Maribel Cortes, Julibee Portillo, Alejandra Lemus, Julissa Medina y Sandra Buezo. All work at the Xol chocolate factory in Honduras. Xol chocolate is a brand of the Fairtrade-certified COAGRICSAL coop.

FARMERS Biting back at the climate crisis with Fairtrade Cocoa

At the end of 2020, Hurricanes Eta and Iota swept through Honduras leaving destruction and heartbreak in their wake. But the hurricanes won’t be the first time the enterprising cocoa and coffee farmers have fought back against the climate crisis.

Better in a bunch: Fairtrade banana farmers weathering the storm together

If you live in the Caribbean, you know cyclones and storms. For banana farmers, who rely on their crops for their income, to have their farms flattened by the storms can be devastating. Find out how farmers in the Dominican Republic have used their Fairtrade Premium to develop a disaster recovery fund to help out members, should the worst happen.

Ángel Guzmán Santana portrait in banana farm reaching up to adjust plastic around bunch of bananas
Salina Marindany at the Growing Women in Coffee Project Biogas Plant

The Fairtrade coffee farmers learning to live with climate change

In the coffee-growing regions of East Africa, the weather has changed dramatically in recent times.  The farmers are just about surviving, but there’s no money left over to invest in anything that would help protect from these shocks. That’s where Fairtrade’s Climate Academy comes in. 

Storytelling events

22 February 12:00 pm | Zoom

Virtual tour of Hadeel craft workshop in Gaza

Host: Fairtrade Connections – Community Arts Festival 

Let Hadeel take you to Palestine! In this, the first of a fortnightly series, you will be shown around the workshop of the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza. The talented crafters will tell their stories, answer your questions and demonstrate their skills LIVE for you. This event is sponsored by Edinburgh Fairtrade City.

25 February 12:00 pm | Zoom

A conversation with olive farmer Haj Rafeeq Hussein

Host: Zaytoun 

Join Haj Rafeeq Hussein, a Fairtrade olive farmer from the ancient village of Ti’innik, perched high on a terraced hill in Palestine’s West Bank. He will talk about how climate change brings uncertainty to the seasonal rainfall patterns which are crucial for a good crop and how Fairtrade offers a safety net.

26 February 7:00 pm | Zoom

Music Evening with Ghanaian musician Richard Wiafe

Host: Fairtrade Connections – Community Arts Festival 

Richard Wiafe works for the Golden Exotics Fairtrade fruit project in Accra, Ghana and is also a talented musician. His university studies are funded through the Fairtrade Premium. He has written several songs celebrating Fairtrade including some which he has written exclusively for this festival. Join him for an evening of music and find out what Fairtrade means for Richard and his colleagues at Golden Exotics. This event is sponsored by Bradford Fairtrade Zone.

27 February 10:00 am | Zoom

Wake Up and Taste the Coffee

Host: Scottish Fair Trade Forum 

You are invited to Scotland’s big climate justice coffee morning this Fairtrade Fortnight. This is a coffee morning with a twist. With the climate crisis looming large and Fairtrade farmers continuing to tell us climate change is one of their biggest challenges right now, we urge you to join us to hear directly from those immediately affected by the crisis. Our guests will be from the Sholi Fairtrade Coffee Cooperative in Rwanda.

28 February 11:30 am | Zoom

In discussion with Fairtrade farmers

Host: Fairtrade Foundation 

Patrick Kaberia and Bernard Njoroge, two Kenyan Fairtrade farmers on the front line of the climate crisis, join us on Zoom for a conversation with Fairtrade Foundation CEO Michael Gidney.

3 March 10:00 am | Zoom

Climate, Fairtrade School Uniform and Your School

Host: Koolskools 

Join this free session to discover how embracing Fairtrade school uniform can support global citizenship education at your school. We will be joined by CEO of the Koolskools Fairtrade-licensed factory, Dibella, in India.

5 March 12:00 pm | Zoom

Fairtrade in a time of COVID-19

Host: Fairtrade Connections – Community Arts Festival 

Join us for a live linkup to find out how Fairtrade producers in East and West Africa are coping with COVID-19 and creating change for women. As part of York International Women’s Week Festival, York Fair Trade Forum and Shared Interest bring you a unique opportunity to hear directly from people working with Fairtrade farmers and workers in Kenya and Ghana.


Bernard Njoroge, Senior Programme Officer at Fairtrade Africa and Coffee Farmer, talks about the unprecedented weather conditions hitting farms in Kenya, affecting the quantity and quality of the coffee crops. When the crop is damaged, farmers and their families are often unable to afford three meals a day. Bernard describes how the Climate Academy project supports farmers to build resilience.

Adjoa Andoh, Fairtrade Patron, talks about how the climate crisis has affected farmers in Honduras and describes how one group of farmers, led by pioneering women, have fought back.

If you live in the Caribbean, you know cyclones and storms. For banana farmers, who rely on their crops for their income, to have their farms flattened by the storms can be devastating. Hear from farmers in the Dominican Republic who have used their Fairtrade Premium to develop a disaster recovery fund to help out members, should the worst happen.

Ebrottié Tanoh Florentin, a Fairtrade Cocoa Farmer in Côte d’Ivoire, is already facing the effects of climate change. Rising temperatures and unusual rainfall patterns have hit cocoa farming families hard. Listen to him speak about the difficulties faced by cocoa farmers and the benefits of Fairtrade training.

Marike de Peña, Managing Director of a smallholder banana co-operative called Banelino in the Dominican Republic, describes farming communities in crisis due to low commodity prices and climate change. But there is hope through the support of Fairtrade.

DS Preetham, Fairtrade Officer at the United Nilgiri Tea Estate Company Ltd in India, explains that extreme weather conditions in recent years impacts the quantity and quality of tea produced. Hear why organic farming, for them, is the best option to mitigate climate change.

Meet Patrick, a Fairtrade tea farmer from Kenya. He explains how the climate emergency has affected their livelihood and how the Fairtrade Premium has helped his community to adapt.

Segundo Guerrero with son Hugo Guerrero talk about the increase in pests and diseases that affect their coffee farms. Hugo, an expert in organic coffee production, explains how he is experimenting with agroforestry, soil management and different crop varieties to cope with the climate crisis.

Millions of people across the globe who provide us with our food and fashion are on the front line of the climate emergency. They’re trapped in an unfair trading system that will only drive us further into crisis. Hear from the Fairtrade farmers and workers who are fighting back, demanding trade that will create a sustainable future for people and planet.

Mahyana Sari is a Fairtrade coffee farmer in Sumatra, Indonesia. She visited the UK to talk about her experience as a Fairtrade coffee farmer for Fairtrade Fortnight 2018. This year, she sent us a video message where she talks about the huge challenges her community faces due to the climate crisis. She also explains why Fairtrade is important to her.

Join Haj Rafeeq in his beautiful olive groves in Palestine for Fairtrade Fortnight 2021. Video produced by Zaytoun. Find out more about Haj Rafeeq.

Jenipher is a coffee farmer in Uganda. She tells us about her daily life, how climate change has impacted her job and community and how Fairtrade supports her and other farmers. She sells her coffee thanks to a scheme supported by the Welsh Government. This video was part of a Fair Trade Wales event for Fairtrade Fortnight 2021. Jenipher’s Coffi is now sold online.

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