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Fill your boots on everything Fairtrade and food-related. With mouth-watering recipes and famous faces, all mixed up with that unique Fairtrade flavour, you’ve got all the ingredients you need for some seriously satisfying cooking…


Tahini and chocolate chip cookies coated with sesame seeds on baking paper

Melissa Hemsley’s Fairtrade tahini choc chip cookies

Fairtrade ambassador Melissa Hemsley shares her incredible recipe for tahini and chocolate chip cookies.

Melissa Hemsley’s Fairtrade tahini choc chip cookies

Coconut milk and turmeric gratin

Rosie Birkett’s Fairtrade coconut milk and turmeric gratin

Fairtrade ambassador Rosie Birkett bakes a delicious gratin made with Fairtrade ingredients.

Rosie Birkett’s Fairtrade coconut milk and turmeric gratin

Chocolate Fruit and nut florentines on a plate with two mugs of ginger and turmeric tea

melissa Hemsley’s Fairtrade Fortnight recipes

A bumper recipe blog by Melissa to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade chocolate hazelnut bakes; Fruit and nut florentines; Roasted maple carrot and za’atar salad; and Hazelnut, raisin and banana bread.

Melissa Hemsley’s Fairtrade Fortnight recipes

Rio’s Quick Fair Trade Filo Pastry Feta, CousCous & Date Parcels

In this 3-minute video from Traidcraft, Rio shows us how to make yummy fair trade filo parcels.

Watch Rio make her filo pastry parcels on YouTube

Sarah’s Easy Fair Trade Baked Oats

Try Sarah’s simple, delicious breakfast desert recipe, explained in this 3-minute video from Traidcraft.

Watch Sarah make her fair trade baked oats on YouTube


Cook up a tasty West African Fairtrade and vegan teatime treat with Zoe Adjonyoh, founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. Zoe’s recipe features delicious Fairtrade ingredients: caster sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and coffee.

See how to make Dawadawa Cake on YouTube

delicious looking american style chocolate pancakes on a plate with divine fairtrade chocolate and other ingredients in background

Chunky Monkey pancakes

Created by Nourishing Amy for Divine Chocolate, these deliciously thick and fluffy oat-blended peanut butter pancakes have melting chunks of dark chocolate and chewy banana pieces. Vegan friendly.

Chunky Monkey Pancake recipe

a plate of home backed sandwiched biscuits dipped in chocolate next to bar of divine chocolate

Mocha caramel cookie sandwiches

Mouth-wateringly good, these sweet and crunchy almond sugar cookies are sandwiched together with a homemade coffee date caramel, all dipped in rich dark chocolate. Vegan friendly.

Mocha Caramel Cookie Sandwiches recipe

Chocolate and cocoa beans -

Tom Hunt’s Chocolate biodiversity experiment and truffle recipe

Did you know that the biodiversity and growing conditions of the cacao tree affect its flavour, aroma and even its appearance? Buy a bar of Fairtrade chocolate, or make the specially designed truffles, and dive into the experiment!

Chocolate Biodiversity Experiment + Truffle recipe

Freshly baked banoffee toad in the hold

Banoffee toad in the hole

Try this unusual twist on a classic, from Aldi, baked with Fairtrade bananas and chocolate.

Banoffee Toad in the Hole recipe

a slice of chocolate 'mud' cake

Dark chocolate and coffee mudcake

Made with Fairtrade dark chocolate from Aldi, this moist, fudgy cake is a real winner. Perfect for celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight.

Dark Chocolate and Coffee recipe

slices of barbecued chicken coated in chocolate

Savoury chocolate and baked bbq chicken

Chocolate isn’t just for dessert! This savoury recipe from Aldi packs a flavourful punch, coating chicken in spices and Fairtrade chocolate.

Savoury Chocolate and Baked BBQ Chicken recipe

Fairtrade vegan chocolate and tahini cake

To help Fair Trade Wales celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, chef and author Sarah Philpott shows us how to bake a delicious Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate and Tahini Cake. In Welsh with subtitles.

See the Vegan Chocolate and Tahini Cake Recipe on YouTube

Anna Jones' chocolate truffles

Anna Jones’ salted chocolate truffles

Anna Jones shares her recipe for these easy truffles: no tempering chocolate and no rolling or filling – just simple melting, mixing and pouring. Your own little chocolate factory!

Salted Chocolate Truffles recipe

A slice of orange and chocolate freezer cake on a plate shot from above

Anna Jones’ Chocolate and Blood Orange Freezer Cake

Anna Jones shares another delicious recipe, Chocolate and Blood Orange Freezer Cake and tells us why she chooses Fairtrade ingredients.

Chocolate and Blood Oranfe Freezer Cake recipe

a plate with beautifully displayed banana souffle, brulee banana slices and vegan chocolate mousse

Tony Rodd’s Banana Soufflé and Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

The bitter dark Fairtrade chocolate in this dessert, which Tony created especially for Fairtrade Fortnight 2021, is offset by the sweetness of the caramelised Fairtrade banana.

Read the full Banana Soufflé recipe

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