Welcome to Choose the world you want – a festival of climate, Fairtrade and you. 22 February to 7 March 2021.

This page lists all events that have taken place – or that will take place – during the festival. To browse upcoming events, please see our Lineup page.

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22 February 2021 12:00 pm | Zoom

Virtual tour of Hadeel craft workshop in Gaza

Host: Fairtrade Connections – Community Arts Festival 

Let Hadeel take you to Palestine! In this, the first of a fortnightly series, you will be shown around the workshop of the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza. The talented crafters will tell their stories, answer your questions and demonstrate their skills LIVE for you. This event is sponsored by Edinburgh Fairtrade City.

25 February 2021 12:00 pm | Zoom

A conversation with olive farmer Haj Rafeeq Hussein

Host: Zaytoun 

Join Haj Rafeeq Hussein, a Fairtrade olive farmer from the ancient village of Ti’innik, perched high on a terraced hill in Palestine’s West Bank. He will talk about how climate change brings uncertainty to the seasonal rainfall patterns which are crucial for a good crop and how Fairtrade offers a safety net.

21 February 2022 1:30 pm | Facebook
Cost: Free

Meet Bismark and Hugo: Fairtrade farmers taking on the climate crisis

Host: Fairtrade Foundation 

We kick off Fairtrade Fortnight with Fairtrade’s CEO Michael Gidney putting your questions to two Fairtrade farmers taking on the climate crisis.

21 February 2022 7:00 pm | YouTube
Cost: Free

Film screening and Q&A: Farmers fighting the climate crisis

Host: Fairtrade Foundation 

A screening with actor and director Adjoa Andoh, about Kenyan coffee farmer Caroline Rono and her efforts to tackle the effects of climate change.

24 February 2022 12:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Live from the olive groves in Palestine

Host: Zaytoun 

Taysir Arbasi, Zaytoun’s advocacy and liaison officer in Palestine, talks to Awad Melhim from the olive groves! Join us for this live event.

3 March 2022 2:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Climate change focus: West Africa

Host: Shared Interest Society 

We talk to Upromabio, a mango and hibiscus producer co-operative in Burkina Faso, and discuss the impact of climate change on our West African customers.

4 March 2022 2:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Climate change focus: Central America

Host: Shared Interest Society 

Join us as we talk to Joel Lopez, President of Honduras coffee co-operative Cafescor, about the impact of climate change on our Central American customers.

6 March 2022 6:00 pm | Zoom
Cost: Free

Chocolate Has A Name

Host: National Campaigner Committee 

Join us for an evening of storytelling, music and art with the Africaniwa tribe from the UK, Ghana and around the world.